Step by Step Guide to Recording Your First Professional Podcast

First things first, if you came here for something to record skype calls with, I recommend this tool:

  • WireTap Studio: - Records Skype calls on both sides. Free trial available for 30 days, with no restrictions. $69.00 USD price for the full product. Highly recommended.

Now let's dive into the resources and tools you will need to record your first professional podcast. Disclaimer: this is what I have done, and what I've found my friends and co-hosts like as well, not a Universal solution. Second Disclaimer: This will be a mac focused listicle.


  • - Ideal mic. Great quality sound. Cost: ~$100.00
  • - Great tool for splicing together audio. Cost: Free trial / Creative Cloud Membership (~$30.00/month)
  • - Our tool of choice for uploading audio.
  • - The service we will upload our episodes to and then gather the RSS feed for iTunes. Cost: $5.00/month

Step by Step Podcast Creation:

  • Create a name for the podcast, and a topic.
  • Tell every single person on the skype call to start QuickTime on their mac (which comes free on each mac) and make sure they are all recording at the beginning of the podcast. TIP: Get everyone to hit record at the exact same time!
  • Record your podcast
  • Get everyone to stop, save, and upload their audio file to the shared Google Drive folder
  • The person editing the audio: open Audition, and import all the audio files everyone uploaded to Google Drive. After they are all imported into audition create a multi-track audio file with them and align them all together on the start time. If need be, edit the file. If you need coaching on how to edit audio with Audition please email me and I will help you out personally:
  • After you have the audio tracks sync'd, export it as an MP3.
  • Now, let's login to our new Libsyn account.
  • Hover over 'Content' and click 'Add New Episode'.
  • Click 'Add Media File' at the top and upload your MP3. Add the episode title, description, add some category and keywords.
  • Now goto and find someone who does "Podcast artwork" and then send him the title of the podcast and ideas, and then in a few days he will return the image.
  • Add this image to the show settings page:
  • Hover Destinations, click edit, then click on left 'Libsyn Classic Feed' and add your podcast categories and fill out all the information here:
  • Hover 'Destination' and click edit, then copy paste the 'Libsyn Class RSS Feed' to your clipboard.
  • Paste your RSS Feed here: and make sure the image, and description show up.

If the Cast Feed Validator looks good then you are ready to submit to iTunes!!

Now you are ready to upload your Podcast to iTunes!

  • Open iTunes
  • Click Podcasts icon on the top of your mac (if new version of iTunes)
  • Then click 'iTunes Store' at the top on the far right of the center bar.
  • Click 'Submit a Podcast'
  • Add your URL that you pasted into the validator, into the only area on the screen:
  • Click Continue and Submit and you are all DONE!!!

Now we just wait for iTunes to approve us.

Welcome to the world of podcasting my friends. Let's share our knowledge with each other.